• Technology powered by electricity has transformed our modern world. Yet most of us, including young people who are particularly good with computers, lack a basic understanding of the science that make these modern marvels work.
  • International proficiency tests in math & science confirm the problem.
  • As a nation, we rank 23rd in science and 32nd in math. If we were to chart our performance on a report card, the U.S. would be lucky to squeak by with a "C".
  • The harsh reality is that we are not doing very well in these areas and something needs to be done to improve our performance and get kids excited about science and demonstrate the importance of learning math.
  • It would be unfair to simply blame teachers. Teachers at the primary schools level are not engineers or scientists. They lack the time, specialized training and the material resources to address many of these issues. This is where the men and women of the Technology Learning Center can come to the aid of our schools and make a difference.
  • It is reasonable to conclude that our poor performance in the areas of math and science is contributing to our shrinking industrial base and trade deficits. If America is to compete globally, and more importantly succeed, it must begin the process of developing and banking human capital reserves.
We Have A Problem!

We Have A Problem!