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The cartoon you watched spoke directly of the need to improve our performance and get young people engaged in learning science. The Technology Learning Center and those who support our efforts are not here to blame teachers or bash the unions that represent them, nor are we interested in the politics of education. The men and women of the Technology Learning Center are here to use their skills and the resources provided by private citizens, to come to the aid of our schools and help our teachers make a difference.

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  • Professor Know-How's Lab is an elective "in school" program that is designed to get young minds excited about learning science.
  • From the atom to the Internet, Professor Know-How unlocks the secret inner workings of the gadgets kids love and use every day. This is our secret to getting kids who say they don't like science, to love it.
  • "Professor Know-How's Lab" complements science curriculums. The program is totally unique; nothing like it exists. Privately funded, the program is offered free to the students of all public and private schools. After school sessions accommodate students who are home educated.
  • TLC provides the lab equipment and staff. Everything is included.
  • The program is safe. Every piece of equipment we use is evaluated for safety. Every lesson is rehearsed and reviewed prior to presentation in the classroom. The voltage and currents we use are not hazardous.
  • Our "community based" program is set in motion by a diverse group of talented professionals and retirees from all fields of engineering, science, technology, business and education.
  • Every volunteer is carefully screened. Our extensive vetting process includes fingerprinting, FBI and statewide criminal background checks, registered sex offenders database checks, substance abuse issues, past work performance and credential verification.
  • When it concerns the safety of our young people, our policy is that we can never be too careful.
  • Ideally suited for a mix of young people from the 6th, 7th & 8th grades, our lessons are carefully choreographed to spark young imaginations as they socially interact with each other.
  • Kids laugh and learn all at the same time.
  • The Technology Learning Center isn't a building where kids go. Instead, it's a science lab that goes where the kids are. It can be thought of as an "in school" field trip.
  • Hosting the program on campus eliminates the need for transportation and saves time that can now be used for learning. Hosting the program at school adds to its safety.
  • The program doesn't require a large dedicated space. A room one-third the size of an ordinary classroom will easily accommodate the lab.
  • Summer science camps, teacher workshops and other special events can be held at libraries, community rooms and other public or private locations when school facilities are not available.
  • The Professor Know-How series is seamlessly presented on campus without disruption to a school's existing routines or schedules.
  • Students may participate during study period, exploratory, by a special pass or after school.
  • Classes are kept small and take about 10 hours to complete. Keeping the class small allows the students to have a truly hands-on experience.
  • With multiple sessions each week, every student will have the opportunity to participate over the course of a school year.
  • Technology powered by electricity has transformed our modern world. Yet most of us, including young people who are particularly good with computers, lack a basic understanding of the science that make these modern marvels work.
  • International proficiency tests in math & science confirm the problem.
  • As a nation, we rank 23rd in science and 32nd in math. If we were to chart our performance on a report card, the U.S. would be lucky to squeak by with a "C".
  • The harsh reality is that we are not doing very well in these areas and something needs to be done to improve our performance and get kids excited about science and demonstrate the importance of learning math.
  • It would be unfair to simply blame teachers. Teachers at the primary schools level are not engineers or scientists. They lack the time, specialized training and the material resources to address many of these issues. This is where the men and women of the Technology Learning Center can come to the aid of our schools and make a difference.
  • It is reasonable to conclude that our poor performance in the areas of math and science is contributing to our shrinking industrial base and trade deficits. If America is to compete globally, and more importantly succeed, it must begin the process of developing and banking human capital reserves.
  • Equipped with a vault of specially crafted teaching aids our visiting classroom volunteers take on the role of Adjunct Professor Know-How. Part mad scientist, part detective; Professor Know-How is skilled at presenting science in a way that makes learning fun.
  • Boys and girls love science; especially when it is presented in a way that is hands-on, interactive and fun. For girls, building confidence in science is especially important. Every student finishes the series with a thorough understanding of the applied physics of electrical energy.
  • The ancient proverb, "Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand" captures the essence of our totally hands-on approach to teaching.
  • The Technology Learning Center is an IRS approved 501 (c) 3 public charity. Contributions are tax deductible.
We Have A Problem!

We Have A Problem!