Meet The Cartoon Kids



At 13, Maria was the oldest student in the lab. She comes from a big family. Maria is the second oldest of six siblings with four brothers and a baby sister.

Between doing her school work and chores and caring for her youngest brother and sister, there isn't much time for after school activities.

Maria studies hard and is well liked at school. She thinks that one day she would like to be a nurse or maybe even a doctor. She especially likes life science where they study about frogs and other living things.

When she heard about the visiting Professor and the way he explained how things worked, she was curious. Some of Maria's friends had already taken the class and said it was so cool that she signed up too.

After completing the class, Maria has become her family's "electricity expert". She fixed her brother's computer twice and has convinced her mom and dad that they could reduce their electric bill by replacing many of their light bulbs with more efficient types. She has even calculated how much it will save her parents each year.